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Samspol - the first official Samsonite dealer in Poland was established in 1990 and since then It has been a leader of Samsonite sales in East-Central Europe. Samspol is also an approved supplier of other leading luggage brands as Rimowa and TUMI. In our Europe-leading Warsaw stores (Galeria Mokotów; Arkadia shopping malls) we carry a wide variety of choices that are perfect for customers who demand high-quality luggage products.

In 2008 we established Samsonite online store (www.samspol.pl) where shoppers can find large and constantly changing selection of Samsonite luggage including Samsonite hard and soft luggage, business luggage, casual luggage and kids luggage. Customers can shop by type, brand, colour, capacity and airline baggage allowance. Shoppers enjoy a competing price match policy, simple and safe online checkout, free home delivery to Poland and a 14-day returns policy.

Company: Samspol
Contact: Sylwester Fronc
Phone: +48602600838
Email: sylwester[at]samspol.pl
Web Page: www.samspol.com.pl 
www.samspol.pl (Online shopping)

Samspol Samsonite store:
‘Galeria Mokotów’ shopping mall tel. (+48) 22 161 35 07 
C.H. "Galeria Mokotów". ul. Wołoska 12. Warszawa. 1 floor.. "Parasol" parking lot.


Samsonite Repair & Service:

(+48) 22 628 50 15
00-658 Warszawa, Lwowska 4

Samsonite Samspol